Cushion Insoles

Therapeutic Diabetic Insoles are designed for people with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet. Constructed with a multi-density material combination of Plastazote and cellular urethane, these advanced insoles offer superb resilience, cushioning, and shock absorption.

Because of its distinctive self contouring capabilities and hypoallergenic formulation, Plastazote is recognized by medical professionals as the material of choice for treating diabetic and arthritic feet.

Cushion Insoles

Therapeutic Diabetic Insoles

Ideal solution for the Diabetic or Insensate foot. Plastazote...
Diaped Trisorb Foot Orthotics

Budget product for people with diabetes or arthritis.
Plastazote Thermal Insole

6mm Plastazote Polyolefin Foam with Thermal, Insulating and...